Our Winning Approach to Leadership Development

13 Jul Our Winning Approach to Leadership Development

Around the South Texas Promotions office, we’ve made leadership training a point of emphasis. Sandra, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We find the most motivated brand experts and give them the tools and resources to thrive. In the process, we also help them learn how to coach others to do the same.”

A key part of becoming an effective leader is gaining the right experience. That’s why we provide immersive training from every team member’s first days on the job. “We want our future leaders to progress through our organization,” Sandra added. “By exposing our team members to every phase of our operations from the outset, they’re confident enough to show others the way.”

Sandra also sees networking skills as key assets for potential frontrunners. She remarked, “When members of Team South Texas Promotions attend industry events, they learn how to forge connections with strangers and confidently present themselves. These lessons pay off in various ways along a leadership growth journey, because people feel more comfortable going outside their comfort zones.”

Delegating is another essential skill for potential managers. Sandra added, “The more leaders trust their team members to complete important tasks, the better they can focus on their own priorities. The overall trust that develops in the process fuels a winning team.”

We keep these things in mind as we develop our team members’ leadership skills. Like South Texas Promotions on Facebook for more of our best management training insights.

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