Service, Value, and Results at South Texas Promotions

The Atmosphere at South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions has experience representing a variety of different organizations in multiple industries, assisting our patrons in their quests to engage and retain consumers without the cumbersome yoke that is the in-house advertising department. The flexible outsourcing model we offer has earned us long-term relationships with our clientele and provides adaptable solutions to promotional needs.

One of our core beliefs at South Texas Promotions is that there are no limits to what an ambitious professional can achieve. This emphasis on upward mobility through effort and results rather than seniority or popular opinion has drawn some of the brightest marketers to our establishment. A collaborative environment, along with a focus on mentorship, escalates advancement opportunities. Our firm takes a vested interest in the goals of every associate.

Expect Excellence

The satisfaction of our clientele is our highest priority. Through our efforts to increase consumer awareness, and by tailoring our message to strategic audiences, we do consumers a service as well. However, it is by exceeding the expectations of both our clients and their customers that South Texas Promotions has established itself as a force in the advertising industry. To continue providing world-class service, we insist that every member of our organization express our values through their efforts:





Bonuses and Benefits

We appreciate the hard work that our enthusiastic marketing specialists put into every initiative from start to finish, and it is our pleasure to recognize and reward their achievements. The firm sponsors weekly team-building activities that encourage hard-working executives to relax, and our team looks for reasons to congratulate one another. A great deal of thought was also put into the design of our office as well, creating separate spaces for those getting a campaign ramped up and those planning to wind down.