South Texas Promotions Typifies the Power of Teamwork

Expert Ability

For the team at South Texas Promotions, success is the result of collaboration. As a group, we achieve more than any of us could separately. Our masterful initiatives rely on the smooth integration of diverse talents brought to the table by the individual marketing specialists who comprise our team. New specialists are paired with their experienced colleagues to generate a combination of enthusiasm with practical knowledge that benefits both our firm and the clients with whom we partner. We emphasize achievement and reward our team members based on how they impact our clients, their customers, and our organization.

Each unique initiative we craft is brought to life by our knowledgeable and passionate executives. South Texas Promotions concentrates on developing leaders who are professional, honest, and imaginative. We accomplish this through a supportive culture that nurtures innovation along with a healthy competitive spirit.

South Texas Promotions’ President

Sandra Q., President

Sandra was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Riverside, about 55 miles away. She attended Rubidoux High School, and played both shortstop and outfield center for the softball team while maintaining her studies. After graduation, Sandra jumped into the advertising industry and quickly worked her way up to assistant manager at a marketing firm in Corona, California. She was in charge of her own branch shortly thereafter.

Sandra is a strong advocate of collaboration, and her motto, where teamwork makes dreams work, obviously informs the daily operations at South Texas Promotions. She attributes her success to mental flexibility, a systematic approach to challenges, and a strong work ethic.