South Texas Promotions on Going From Manager to Owner

03 Jul South Texas Promotions on Going From Manager to Owner

If you’re ever in a position to go from managing employees within a company to owning that company outright, it’s sure to be a difficult transition. Holly Mason learned that the hard way when she bought GroupBaronet, a marketing firm she had worked at for eight years. She found that owning the company helped her appreciate what made it special, and we at South Texas Promotions would like to highlight a few of the lessons she learned from her experience.

The first thing Mason discovered was the importance of having a plan for the transition. You can’t leave a vacuum behind when you move on from the managerial ranks, because important tasks will slip through the cracks if you do. You’ll never be able to handle the responsibilities of your former job in addition to your new one, so be sure to have someone in place to take over for you.

There is sure to be a good deal of stress when you step into the owner’s role, so it’s also helpful to have someone on whom you can depend. Before making the transition, find a business coach or trade organization to support you and offer advice. Having this type of support system early in the process will help you make smart decisions right from the beginning, and we at South Texas Promotions believe that getting off on the right foot is crucial in such a big transition.

The lessons Holly Mason learned should be helpful to anyone who moves from manager to owner. Our team at South Texas Promotions hopes you will make the proper adjustments if you become one of them.

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