South Texas Promotions on Networking No-Nos

06 Jan South Texas Promotions on Networking No-Nos

We train South Texas Promotions associates to confidently approach the networking process, and we also remind them of a few things not to do every time they set out to add new contacts. Here are a few networking mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.


One thing you definitely can’t do is invite someone for an informal networking meetup and then launch a surprise sales pitch. If you want to have coffee or lunch with someone, just focus on exploring the potential of your future relationship and finding as much common ground as possible.


We at South Texas Promotions also warn you not to ask for any type of networking favor, such as an introduction, without acknowledging and reciprocating the act. People won’t want to help you again if they find that you are only interested in serving your own interests, so make sure to offer thanks in the form of a similar favor.


It’s also a big networking no-no to commit one of your existing contacts to anything without his or her express consent. This goes for making a new introduction or helping someone with any specific project, because you don’t want to speak for someone else and then have to eat your words.


Our South Texas Promotions associates are careful to steer clear of these common networking errors, and we hope you will avoid them as well.

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