South Texas Promotions, Inc.’s Summer Reading

14 Aug South Texas Promotions, Inc.’s Summer Reading

Summer reading is a popular concept for a reason. Relaxing on the beach or poolside with a good read is a great way to spend the sunny season. Our team members at South Texas Promotions, Inc. have already made some headway on our lists, and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you here.

Many of our associates are avid travelers, so books that transport them to foreign lands are especially popular among our team. “The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty,” by Vendela Vida, for instance, is about a woman who reinvents herself as she explores Morocco. “The Rocks,” by Peter Nichols, is both mystery and romance, taking place in a posh Majorcan resort. Mia Alvar’s collection of stories, called “In the Country,” explores issues of class, race, and borders. The tales are set in Bahrain, Boston, and Manila.

At South Texas Promotions, Inc., we also enjoy books that resonate with the theme of home. For example, we highly recommend “The Ladies of Managua,” by Eleni N. Gage. It’s about three generations of women from Nicaragua who are reunited there. There’s also “The Star Side of Bird Hill,” by Naomi Jackson, in which two sisters travel to Barbados to live with their grandmother after they are forced to leave Brooklyn, where their mother remains. Finally, one family’s declining stature is explored in Sophie McManus’ “The Unfortunates.”

Enjoy some summer reading with these recommendations from South Texas Promotions, Inc.

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