South Texas Promotions, Inc.’s Recommended Reads

07 Aug South Texas Promotions, Inc.’s Recommended Reads

At South Texas Promotions, Inc., we know the learning doesn’t end with college graduation. If you want to establish a successful career, you must commit to expanding your knowledge on an ongoing basis. To help you embark on your journey through the world of business, we recommend the following reads:

• “What Do I Do If…?,” by Eric Grzymkowski: This book is equipped with the solutions to every disaster imaginable. If you’ve forgotten an anniversary, clogged a toilet, or offended a colleague, Grzymkowski has the answer you need. It’s the perfect text for a graduate just setting out on his or her own.

• “The Road to Character,” by David Brooks: In this book, Brooks differentiates between resume virtues and what he refers to as eulogy virtues. Resume virtues are those that appeal to employers. Eulogy virtues are the values and morals that enable people to grow and foster meaningful relationships. The author encourages readers to focus on eulogy virtues.

• “Do Over,” by Jon Acuff: This piece is for people entering the workforce for the first time. We at South Texas Promotion, Inc. have found it particularly helpful. It provides new workers with the resources and tools they need for the transition. It also addresses the issues of feeling stuck in a career, losing a job, promotions, and other new opportunities.

Our team members at South Texas Promotions, Inc. hope you add these works to your reading list.

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