South Texas Promotions, Inc. Highlights Sibling Success

21 Aug South Texas Promotions, Inc. Highlights Sibling Success

Have you ever wished this generation of children would spend less time on electronic devices, and put more effort into other types of play? Donna Khalife and Rosy, her sister, did as well. After some brainstorming, they launched Surprise Ride, selling subscription gift boxes specifically for children. They now bring in over $1 million every year. Our team members at South Texas Promotions, Inc. are quite moved by their success.

There is no shortage of companies that sell subscription boxes. That’s why Surprise Ride has a highly specific target market. Ideal recipients of the products range from six to 11 years in age. They must be able to read and self-direct some of their activities. The boxes cover different themes – some are beach-oriented, for instance, and others pertain to safaris.

As we at South Texas Promotions, Inc. have learned, a significant factor in the company’s success is the way the sisters built it. First, they recorded more than 30 pages of startup ideas in a Google doc. Then they set aside $5,000 in funding. Finally, they learned to code in order to develop their website. They were eventually accepted to an accelerator, where they conducted extensive research.

When the sisters presented their pitch on Shark Tank, they were given an offer for 25% of their company. They declined it, but sales spiked after their appearance and the company remains poised for exponential growth.

At South Texas Promotions, Inc., we hope you are as inspired by this sibling success story as we are.

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