South Texas Promotions Highlights Howard Schultz

17 Jul South Texas Promotions Highlights Howard Schultz

We’re big fans of Howard Schultz here at South Texas Promotions. He is best known as the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, but was also owner of the NBA’s Seattle SuperSonics before the team moved to Oklahoma City. Moreover, he served on the board of directors for Square, Inc. Our team at South Texas Promotions would like to detail Schultz’s rise to incredible success.

Schultz started out as a salesman after earning a degree in communications from Northern Michigan University. He began his career by selling appliances for Hammerplast, a company that sold European coffee makers all across the U.S. Within five years, Schultz had become director of sales for the company. He noticed that he was selling an awful lot of appliances to a Seattle business officially called Starbucks Coffee Tea and Spice Company.

After meeting with the founders of the company, Schultz took the position of director of retail operations and marketing. At the time, Starbucks only sold coffee beans, not coffee drinks. While traveling in Italy in 1983, Schultz saw the future and imagined Starbucks as a chain of coffee shops in which people would enjoy each other’s company as well as the coffee. The company’s founders didn’t agree, even after the first coffee bar location in Seattle began to thrive.

Disappointed, Schultz left to start his own chain, which also achieved rapid success. A couple of years later, he purchased Starbucks with help from investors and began building his vision. Today, no company sells more coffee to more people than Starbucks. The chain boasts well over 20,000 stores and serves more than 60 million customers per week.

We at South Texas Promotions hope you are as inspired by Howard Schultz’s persistence as we are.

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