Simple Ways to Elevate Your Networking Game

27 Apr Simple Ways to Elevate Your Networking Game

Through our efforts to expand our South Texas Promotions contact lists, we’ve found that a few simple practices help us succeed. Here are the fundamental networking strategies we apply whenever we venture out to a big industry event.

The first thing we remind ourselves is to be confident when we enter the room. If we project self-assurance to potential connections, we have a better chance of leaving with longer contact lists. We think about the unique value we can offer as members of Team South Texas Promotions in order to achieve more confident mind-sets.

We also use people’s names several times during our networking discussions. Not only does this help us remember names, it also makes other people feel like they’re the only ones in the room. We want potential contacts to remember us in a positive light, so showing that we’re engaged in the conversation in this way is vital.

Doing some research before every networking event is another essential practice. The more we know about a person and his or her company before our initial meeting, the greater the chance of forging a meaningful bond. We amplify the research we do by asking plenty of open-ended questions.

These are a few of the techniques we use to make our networking exploits more productive.

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