Secrets of Great Public Speakers

21 Nov Secrets of Great Public Speakers

As we’ve studied the best public speakers around the South Texas Promotions office, we’ve seen a few behaviors repeat again and again. Here are the practices that help the most impressive speakers leave lasting impacts on their audiences.

One thing effective presenters do is move only with the clearest of intentions. In other words, they don’t shuffle around nervously as they deliver their remarks. Knowing that each gesture speaks volumes, the best orators only use body language tactics to emphasize key points. Otherwise, they stand still as a focal point for the audience.

We’ve also learned that the most memorable speakers find ways to slow their speech down when they’re at the podium. Nervous energy can easily lead to faster speech than normal, which makes things harder for listeners. When we’re representing South Texas Promotions onstage, we slow ourselves by leaving a second or two between each sentence.

Opening strong is another technique we’ve picked up from analyzing renowned speakers. There’s no point in offering a lengthy introduction that touches on everything but your main points. We capture our listeners’ attention by making strong statements that reflect our primary messages right from the beginning.

These common practices of top-flight presenters are helping us confidently deliver messages to audiences of all sizes. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on

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