The Most Revealing Interview Questions

20 Dec The Most Revealing Interview Questions

As we continue to surpass our growth goals, we’ve been refining the South Texas Promotions interview approach. While we pose many of the most common questions to potential hires, we also ask a few that are more revealing. Here are the insightful queries we pose to find the best possible fits for our organizational culture.

One thing we ask to learn more about candidates is what they were doing on their most satisfying days at work. This tells us how a person really enjoys working and what his or her unique talents are. We want to find people who know exactly how to apply their skills in the most productive ways and enjoy themselves at the same time.

We also like to inquire about each candidate’s preparation for the interview. The answers we receive tell us a lot about people’s attention to detail, which is an essential attribute for lasting success in our rapidly evolving industry. We want to verify that a potential hire has learned enough to be able to discuss South Texas Promotions’ unique campaigns.

Another important question involves what candidates want to ask us. Rather than minute details about the daily routine that comes with the position, we prefer to hear people ask how success will be measured if they get the roles for which they’re applying. We want to know that a prospective addition to our team is thinking about the big picture with respect to our company and his or her development.

These types of questions help us find the best hires. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on

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