Reflecting on the Top Leaders’ Meeting

01 Mar Reflecting on the Top Leaders’ Meeting

While our in-house learning system is thorough, we like to attend events that supplement our training and help us sharpen our skills. Our most recent South Texas Promotions trip was the Top Leaders’ Meeting, which was a weekend full of keynote speakers and workshops, along with formal and informal networking sessions.

There was also an awards ceremony, where those who hit major milestones in their careers were honored. This was a highlight of the weekend, as the speeches during this portion of the Top Leaders’ Meeting were very inspiring. High achievers shared what challenges they overcame and the tactics they used to become so successful. Team South Texas Promotions was impressed by the level of honesty during these talks, as well as the amount of growth available to determined professionals in our field.

Not only did we meet and learn from the best of the best, we also connected with our coworkers on a deeper level than our normal, busy schedules allow. The trip to and from the conference, along with the time eating and learning together, has led to friendships and smoother collaboration in the office.

The Top Leaders’ Meeting was a great success, and we’re already looking forward to our next chance to meet with industry leaders from across the country. Follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter to see where we’re heading next.

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