Recognizing Two of Our Talented Team Members

25 May Recognizing Two of Our Talented Team Members

We make it a priority to let our promotional specialists know how much they are appreciated as often as possible. This month, we’d like to put two of our top performers in the South Texas Promotions spotlight – Soyla and Laura.

“Both of these ladies are dedicated, driven, and passionate workers,” stated Sandra, South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations. “They are both competitive and committed, which is a winning combination at our firm. Soyla is a full-time student who does a great job balancing her school work with her career. Laura is excelling as a single mother with a second business in Mexico.”

One of the secrets to Laura and Soyla’s success is that they are both goal-oriented people. They’re not striving for status quo; they’re always looking ahead to see what their next moves should be. What’s more, they’ve learned to balance between ambitious goals and realistic ones, stretching themselves with their aims while keeping expectations that are honest.

“An important part of the goal-setting process that Soyla and Laura have mastered is getting specific,” Sandra shared. “They never say something so vague as, ‘I want to earn more money next year.’ They focus on specific dollar amounts and set deadlines as well. This clarity makes their progress measurable, keeping them on track.”

We’re proud to work with Laura and Soyla, and we expect big things from them in the future. To learn more about our talented team members, follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter.

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