A Memorable R&R Trip to Vegas

19 Oct A Memorable R&R Trip to Vegas

Our most recent South Texas Promotions travel incentive took four team members to Las Vegas for R&R. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, noted that the trip was a great opportunity for selected brand experts to meet leaders in our industry and get some much-deserved vacation time.

There were plenty of fun activities for our team members in Vegas, including lots of nightlife and dining options. Our people also had the chance to learn more about each other on a personal level, discovering hidden talents and shared interests as they explored the city. They came back to South Texas Promotions HQ with fresh appreciation for our team’s unique abilities.

Networking was also a prime focus of the Vegas excursion. The R&R event brought together talented people and top leaders from all corners of our industry. Those selected for the trip returned home with expanded contact lists and new access to an array of helpful insights. The connections our brand experts made could also lead to exciting new opportunities for our company as a whole.

Having the chance to earn travel incentives to vibrant places such as Las Vegas keeps us motivated and engaged in our work. It’s great to know we have leaders who care enough to reward our efforts in such generous ways. Like South Texas Promotions on Facebook for highlights of this trip and our other travel adventures.

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