This Is What Makes Our Training Program Special

21 Sep This Is What Makes Our Training Program Special

Our South Texas Promotions training program goes way beyond job skills and focuses on helping men and women achieve their full potential. Through a comprehensive curriculum, which includes one-to-one coaching and travel to educational events, we prepare team members to thrive at every level of their career journeys.

Leadership skills are something that will impact every area of a person’s life. These are some of the South Texas Promotions lessons we teach on being a leader:

• Give Everyone a Voice: The best decisions and solutions are usually the results of many perspectives. When team members (or family and friends) feel safe to share their opinions and ideas, we’re more likely to make the best choices.

• Be Decisive: To make things happen, our first decision is to start. Planning and discussions are important. However, when it comes time to act, we do so. In many ways, decisiveness is like a muscle; the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.

• Clear Communication: Helping brand ambassadors maintain momentum and enthusiasm when it comes to meeting goals is often a matter of clarifying expectations. We are more productive and satisfied when we know exactly what to do and why we’re doing it.

These are just samples of the executive lessons we teach our team members. To learn more about our training system, like South Texas Promotions on Facebook.

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