Looking Ahead to 2019 With Hiring Push

14 Dec Looking Ahead to 2019 With Hiring Push

We’re all excited for the opportunities another new year will bring for South Texas Promotions. To make the most of every new challenge 2019 offers, we’re looking for driven professionals who are ready to grow along with a leading innovator in the interactive marketing world. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, explained that our expansion goals for the year to come call for an infusion of additional, agile talent.

Incoming brand experts can expect to receive in-depth training from day one. We match new hires with seasoned team members who know the ins and outs of our industry. Our in-house coaches also started at the entry level, so they know exactly what it takes to advance within our supportive team environment. Those who come on board quickly gain confidence thanks to the personal attention they receive from accomplished mentors.

One of the first lessons we teach new members of Team South Texas Promotions is the importance of setting clear goals. Starting with the initial training program, we encourage our brand experts to put high benchmarks in place and get as specific as possible in doing so. By the time they’re accustomed to our culture and methods, team members are adept at measuring their progress toward major accomplishments.

We’re prepared to make 2019 our biggest year yet.

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