Linette Has Earned Our Company Spotlight

05 Oct Linette Has Earned Our Company Spotlight

We’re proud to put our top South Texas Promotions performers in the spotlight, which is why it’s our pleasure to recognize Linnette. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, remarked, “Linnette is intense, with an unbelievable attitude that helps her excel.” Linnette was recently promoted on our Energy team. She continues to surpass the goals she sets for herself.

Positivity is one of the traits that fuels Linnette’s success. She brings a winning mind-set to every new challenge. In the process, she inspires her teammates to step up their games. Her optimism also allows Linnette to put aside any distractions and focus her efforts in the most direct ways.

Linnette is well versed in the importance of setting lofty goals that adhere to the SMART system. This means her aims are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive. All these key elements ensure that the targets Linnette sets will keep her motivated and on the right track for consistent wins.

Sandra noted that Linnette sets an ideal example for everyone on Team South Texas Promotions. This makes her leadership potential plain to see. Combined with her focus on constant improvement, her ability to lead will serve Linnette well as she continues growing her career.

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