How to Impress During an Interview

21 Sep How to Impress During an Interview

We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make a strong impression in job interviews through the course of South Texas Promotions’ growth. The most promising candidates do the following things to prepare themselves to impress.

When jobseekers know their personal brands, or what makes them truly stand out from the crowd, we’re interested. Showing the unique value they have is a sure way for candidates to make strong impressions on hiring managers here at South Texas Promotions or any other forward-looking organization.

It’s also nice to see candidates who are prepared to answer the most common interview questions. We want to hear compelling answers regarding why the applicants want the jobs, how their talents represent ideal fit, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

There are plenty of small gestures candidates can use to make positive impressions on potential employers. Solid eye contact and a firm handshake are always good bets, but simply being polite to everyone in the office is also important. When a potential hire shows respect to everyone he or she encounters in our workspace, we know that person represents a good fit.

These simple behaviors can make a world of difference for jobseekers.

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