Highlighting Alma’s Excellent Performance

15 Jun Highlighting Alma’s Excellent Performance

The South Texas Promotions spotlight falls on a different standout performer every month. Alma, one of our team managers, is the latest to receive some well-deserved recognition. She continues to refine her leadership skills and serve as an inspiring role model at the same time.

According to Sandra, our firm’s Director of Operations, Alma has a few key attributes that make her an effective leader. She explained, “Alma brings a strong work ethic to everything she does. She’s also adept at building meaningful relationships, which is an ability that will serve her well through all phases of her career.”

Alma graduated college with a degree in communications before starting a career in the retail industry. She wanted to learn how to be an effective manager and develop her marketing skills, which is why she came to South Texas Promotions. Ever since she joined our firm, Alma has dedicated herself to constant improvement.

Setting clear goals has also helped Alma accelerate her advancement with our firm. Sandra added, “Alma knows what she wants to accomplish, so she’s able to measure her progress in productive ways. She makes adjustments as needed, which puts her on the fast track to goal achievement.”

We’re excited to watch as Alma continues to refine her leadership abilities and guide her team to success. Follow South Texas Promotions on Instagram to receive updates on her and all our top performers.

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