Giving Martin Some Time in the Spotlight

15 Feb Giving Martin Some Time in the Spotlight

We’re always ready to give our top South Texas Promotions performers due credit, so putting Martin in the spotlight is a no-brainer. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, explained that Martin is a well-rounded account manager who understands what it takes to produce effective campaigns and hit his team’s goals. She added that Martin came to our firm from Mexico, where he worked in HR for 20 years. This means he’s on point when it comes to compliance thanks to his detail-oriented nature.

Martin has surprised himself with his rapid ascent at South Texas Promotions. He continues to learn how to manage all the different aspects of our business. Our CEO is confident that Martin will guide others to achieve remarkable success in our industry.

One reason Martin has done so well with our company is his knack for setting clear goals. He does this for himself and for each on-site sales promotion, inspiring teammates to use the same careful approach as they pursue their own objectives.

Martin is also a skilled communicator, sharing expectations and listening carefully to his teammates’ concerns. He’s a natural at getting people on the same page, which bodes well for his future as a leader within our organization.

We’re lucky to have someone as highly organized as Martin as an account manager. Follow his success and get updates on all our top performers by liking South Texas Promotions on Facebook.

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