Decision-Making Strategies Used by Great Leaders

19 Oct Decision-Making Strategies Used by Great Leaders

The most successful managers know how to make the best choices when they face difficult decisions. As we discuss what it takes to become a top-flight leader around the South Texas Promotions office, we frequently come back to the following decision-making strategies:

• Seeking Others’ Input: Effective managers are curious in many ways, but this trait becomes especially important when making tough decisions. They seek out input from team members and other leaders to make sure their final choice is as well informed as possible.

• Creating Deadlines: When a pivotal decision confronts a great leader, he or she sets a firm deadline in order to hold themselves accountable. We use a similar approach here at South Texas Promotions HQ, giving ourselves enough time to evaluate all options but also adding a sense of urgency early in the process. Having a deadline in place is a great way to spur real collaboration.

• Being Transparent: We’ve also learned that the best managers are upfront in their thought processes as they come to the best decisions for their companies. They let their team members know why they believe a particular course of action is the most promising. Just as importantly, they explain how the decision will benefit everyone involved.

These strategies are helping us make tough decisions with more confidence.

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