Continual Learning Fuels Our Company’s Growth

19 Apr Continual Learning Fuels Our Company’s Growth

Team South Texas Promotions knows how vital continual learning is. In fact, our approach to training is at the heart of our company’s success.

We start with our South Texas Promotions learning system, which includes personal guidance, workshops, and seminars, all of which are designed to ensure that our people have the skills and knowledge needed to find success in our field. From their first days with our firm, we move team members through every facet of our business, so they get a complete picture of our operations, and how each department adds to the whole.

This immersive approach also assures that our new hires know the value of each role, including those at entry level. Not only does this inspire them to master the skills required to thrive at each level, but it creates a sense of purpose that unites us all to the mission of the company.

These formal approaches to education are supplemented by other activities, such as in-house book clubs that get associates together to discuss recommended reads by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and other business moguls whose success we wish to emulate. Of course, the most exciting teaching tool we use is travel: weekend conferences, leadership retreats, and more get us around the biggest names in our industry.

As we expand our minds through continual learning, we move ourselves closer to our personal and professional potential. Follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter to find out more about our teaching methods.

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