We’re Constantly Refining Our Team Culture

16 Nov We’re Constantly Refining Our Team Culture

Creating a supportive team culture has always been a priority around the South Texas Promotions office, with our Thanksgiving potluck the most recent example. This was a great opportunity for all of us to get together before the rush of the holiday season kicks into overdrive. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, explained that we’re a family and it’s always fun to celebrate as a group.

We enjoy a variety of group activities throughout the year, all of which help us build stronger bonds. The camaraderie we develop when we go out to dinner together, attend industry events, or have bowling nights pays off in big ways on the job. We’re stronger communicators thanks to our regular team outings. Just as importantly, we come to respect each other’s unique talents and traits a little more with every team-building occasion. This fuels winning teamwork on behalf of the brands we promote.

Ongoing training is another key part of our South Texas Promotions team atmosphere. Engagement is always high around our office because we have so many chances to add to our skill sets. The fact that we also have clear pathways to advancement within the firm makes our continuing education even more valuable.

Our team atmosphere is a supportive and inspiring one. Follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter for more on our commitment to a winning work culture.

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