We’re Committed to Creating Success Through Mentorship

05 Apr We’re Committed to Creating Success Through Mentorship

We’re very proud of our South Texas Promotions training program because it ensures that team members have access to all the knowledge and skills required for success in this (or any other) industry. We offer workshops, seminars, and even travel opportunities to make sure that we’re up to speed on the latest techniques being used in our field. However, the most important and effective element of our learning system involves our commitment to mentorship.

From their first days with our team, novice associates are linked up with seasoned associates for one-to-one coaching. Our leaders know that in order to have a strong team, they must empower new people to collaborate with one another – and by linking them up with experienced guides in the beginning, the foundation for collaborative effort is laid.

Of course, this is only effective when we mentor well, so South Texas Promotions coaching strategies are also a part of our learning system. There is a fine balance between helping someone too much and not helping enough, and this middle ground is where the best mentoring takes place. We want our people to learn how to stand on their own merits, but to do so with the confidence that they have the support of those who have gone before them.

Our organization thrives in relation to how well we teach our team members to succeed. Like South Texas Promotions on Facebook to learn more about our commitment to proper mentorship.

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