How You Can Thrive Without a College Degree

21 Nov How You Can Thrive Without a College Degree

A college education is certainly valuable, but it’s not a magic key to lasting success in the business world. We have high achievers from all types of educational backgrounds on Team South Texas Promotions, so we know a degree isn’t a requirement for doing well as a professional. Here are a few ways you can achieve your career aspirations without a college degree.

Online learning has changed the game when it comes to building a business knowledge base. Free and reduced-cost courses are available in just about any tech field. This isn’t just for those who don’t graduate from college, of course, because even those with advanced degrees can grow their careers with the insights available online.

It’s also true that you don’t learn the value of grit in college. Fighting through challenges and figuring out ways to make things work when you don’t have a textbook to guide you is a fast way to build skills and character. The more grit you develop by overcoming obstacles, the greater your passion will be for your long-term goals.

There’s also the value of ongoing education to consider when it comes to the value of learning on the job. A college degree could be obsolete within a few short years, especially in a rapidly evolving industry such as ours. We stress constant improvement as a core South Texas Promotions principle because we understand how quickly things move in the business world.

These key concepts remind us of how impactful hands-on professional training is. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on

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