Building Stronger Networks in Dallas

23 Feb Building Stronger Networks in Dallas

Travel events give members of Team South Texas Promotions plenty of chances to add names to their professional networks. In January, a national leadership conference in Dallas provided prime learning and networking potential for all those in attendance.

Sandra, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Lindsay represented our company at the conference. She had a great time with the networking opportunities and built connections with influential leaders from all across the country. Along with some new contacts, Lindsay also returned to our office with fresh techniques to apply in her work.”

We use a few simple strategies to get the most networking value out of every big industry event we attend. Creating a list of prospects is perhaps the simplest of these techniques. It might also be the most important. When we know which companies will be represented at an event before we attend, we can set our sights on the connections with the most potential.

Strong elevator pitches also help us maximize our networking efforts. If we can relate the unique value we offer as members of Team South Texas Promotions in less than a minute, we have a much better chance of forging productive bonds.

We’re already looking forward to the next conference with rich networking potential. Check out the South Texas Promotions Newswire to receive updates on all our travel and networking events.

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