The Best Mentors Share These Attributes

13 Apr The Best Mentors Share These Attributes

We’re big believers in the power of mentorship here at South Texas Promotions. We provide new hires with seasoned team members to guide their development through one-to-one coaching. Long after we complete our initial training, we continue looking for helpful mentors all through our careers. Here are the key traits we look for when evaluating potential professional allies.

The right kind of personality is perhaps the most important asset a mentor can bring to the table. Some people don’t mesh with each other, regardless of the career experiences they might have in common. We spend time in conversation with every potential mentor just to make sure there’s an effortless rapport in place.

Effective coaches are also committed to sharing what they know. Not everyone is enthusiastic about teaching others, so we look for those who are both generous with their time and willing to spread the knowledge they’ve built through their careers.

It’s also important that any prospective South Texas Promotions mentor has the experience to provide actionable advice. We’ve found that those with more seasoning tend to have wider perspectives from which to draw unique insights. Our shared goal is to someday become the types of mentors who bring decades of wisdom to the table.

We keep these concepts in mind as we look for the right guides to help us advance our careers. Follow South Texas Promotions on Facebook to receive more of our best success tips.

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