We’re Aiming Higher After Top Gun Conference

01 Feb We’re Aiming Higher After Top Gun Conference

Of the many travel opportunities we receive as members of Team South Texas Promotions, the Top Gun Conference in Dallas may be the most rewarding. We were able to receive hands-on training from influential leaders and add them to our contact lists at the same time. There’s a buzz around our office as we implement the valuable insights we picked up at the event.

There are many benefits that come with the kind of in-depth training we received in Dallas. Simply knowing South Texas Promotions leaders are so invested in our success helps us stay engaged in our daily tasks. We’re more motivated to perform at our best because we know we’ll be able to work toward something even bigger in the near future. As we add to our skill sets and professional networks, we become more confident in our abilities to reach major career milestones.

Of course, there are plenty of morale-boosting benefits that come with team travel events as well. We get to know more about our teammates’ positive personality traits when we venture away from our professional roles. The good vibes we create as we explore everything a new city has to offer carry over into successful teamwork back on the job.

We’re ready to build on the momentum we created during the Top Gun Conference. Follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter for updates on our travel events and ongoing growth.

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